Behavioral and Social Sciences

Behavioral and Social Sciences programs study human behavior and development, relationships and institutions. Students develop the skills and knowledge to effect and adapt to personal and societal change.

The Behavioral and Social Sciences pathway prepares students to effectively navigate our complex, diverse, and interconnected world. In this pathway, students gain hands-on exposure to scientific theory, research and practice, Our goal is for students to develop the skills and knowledge for work and continuing education in social/behavioral science and related fields. We strive to empower students to make positive changes in their personal lives and in society.

Careers you can explore in Behavioral and Social Sciences Programs

This pathway prepares students for careers in social work, education and child development, urban planning*, politics, law*, criminal justice, counseling*, mental/psychological and community health and non-profit work. Please visit the specific discipline webpages above for more detailed information of career opportunities for each major.

Visit the program pages below and the Career Center to learn more about the different career options available in Behavioral and Social Sciences programs.

Anthropology Program
Child Development
Child Development Program
Education Program
Ethnic Studies
Ethnic Studies Program
Political Science
Political Science Program
Psychology Program
Social Work
Social Work
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